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The Top Tips for Combining Finances

The Top Tips for Combining Finances as Newlyweds

Getting married is a major milestone and an exciting time filled with new experiences. It’s also a big lifestyle adjustment for the newlyweds.  Read on to learn how newly married couples can successfully combine their finances.

The Top Things Life Insurance is Cheaper Than

The Top Things Life Insurance is Cheaper Than

Are you thinking about getting life insurance but worried it’s too expensive? Most Americans overestimate the cost of insurance. Here are some examples of things that are more expensive than life insurance.

Are You Satisfied With Your Current Investments?

Are You Satisfied With Your Current Investments?

Are you concerned about safety of your funds? Would you like to earn more and pay less in taxes? Learn more about how you can.

The Top Tips for Refinancing Your Home

smarter mortgages

If you're searching for smarter mortgages and want to ensure you get great refinancing rates, you need to make sure that you think carefully every step of the way. 

The Harsh Truth About The Probate Process!


While a will is a useful instrument of Estate Planning in many instances, it may not be the ideal solution for all individuals and all circumstances.

Americans Reveal Their Financial Priorities

Financial priorities

Buying a home, supporting family and saving for retirement have long been the mainstays of Americans’ financial priorities. But have these priorities changed over time? We surveyed 2,000 people to find out.

7 Financial Planning Items to Add to Your Traveling Abroad Checklist

travel tips

Out of all of the important considerations, the costs and finances related to your trip should be looked at closely and planned out in meticulous detail. Unfortunately, many people forget about some of the most important financial aspects of traveling abroad when planning their trip.