Solutions for Mature Adults

Getting Ready to Retire!

Jeremy, 59, and Denise, 57, have been married for thirty years. They have 2 grown children - one is working and the other is a senior at a state college. Since retirement is on the horizon, they are planning to sell their home next year and downsize to a condo on a golf course in South Carolina. Jeremy will have a pension of $3,000/month and Denise will continue to sell Mary Kay cosmetics.

Jeremy and Denise's Concerns:

  • They would like to provide monthly retirement income for the remaining spouse in the event of one's death.
  • They would like to leave each of their children $50,000 after they both die.
  • They would like to have their burial expenses covered.


  • Each spouse should purchase a $100,000 10-year Vantis Velocity Term policy to protect against an early, unexpected death. The cost for both policies is only around $57/month!
  • Each spouse should purchase a $50,000 Vantis Velocity Whole Life policy - the proceeds of which will be split between their two children upon the death of the owners. The total cost of these whole life policies is about $275/month
  • Jeremy and Denise kill two birds with one stone by purchasing term life protection and whole life policies payable to their kids!


Passing money along... Wisely!

 Vantis EstateWise Platinum Single Premium Whole Life and Guaranteed Golden final expense Insurance Scenario

Sandy is a 69-year-old widow who has three grown children and 4 grandchildren. She currently rents a condo in a retirement community, serves meals during pinochle tournaments, receives a $2,500/month distribution from an IRA and is managing the nest egg that she and her deceased husband built — around $750,000. She has no existing life insurance policies.

Sandy's Concerns:

  • She wants to leave some money for her grandchildren's education.
  • She doesn’t want to burden her family with burial and final expenses


  • Sandy can spend $150,000 to buy a Vantis EstateWise Platinum Single Premium Life Insurance policy which results in a tax-free payment to her beneficiaries of about $277,000!
  • She can give half of the death benefit to her children and the other half to her grandchildren.
  • She also purchases a $20,000 Guaranteed Golden final expense policy for $130/month to cover final debts and burial expenses