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How to Get Your Kids Into a Routine Before School Starts

happy young boy in elementary class

One way to help your kids adjust to going back to school is to create a routine early. If you want your children to start back at school fresh and ready for what the year holds, you’ll need a plan. Take a look at some of these tips for getting the whole family ready for school again.

3 Practices to Light Your Creative Flame

Sign spelling CREATE

Taking one day to yourself, to detox from the daily grind and get back in a creative mindset, can really help us to remember the joy we find in our work. Here are some tips to get back to being creative... and yes, you can do this in one day.

How To Plan a Healthy Family Vacation This Year

mom dad child on beach

If you are nervous about safe traveling with your family during this time, you are not alone. If you are itching for a family vacation, keep reading for tips and suggestions to make sure and your family stay safe and healthy during your trip. 


Financial Planning As Your Kids Get Older

child receiving allowance

Do you have children in their middle school, teen, or college years? Are you wondering about things to consider when planning finances? As your kids get older, their needs will change and so will yours.  Here's what you need to know about how to plan ahead as your kids get older.

Here Are the Top 5 Financial Safety Nets

fan of money

Financial safety nets will catch you when you fall, and support your family in the case of an emergency. Wondering how to be more financially secure? Wondering what five safety nets you need to have in place as soon as possible? Keep reading to find out how to protect your family's future.

How Much Does Being a Parent Cost in 2021?

mom working with baby on lap

If you're wondering how much does it cost to have a child? Here's your answer. Let's take a look at a breakdown of costs to see where you're spending your money. 

Life Insurance

Why You Should Convert to a Permanent Life Policy

Grandparents with granddaughter

If you own a term life insurance policy, than you know it offers the most financial protection for your loved ones at the lowest cost. But what happens when those needs change?  What if you need to have life insurance in place longer than the original term or you now want a policy that builds cash value? The good news is, you do not have to start over!

Approved but Haven’t Paid? Here’s Why You Should

man pulling $5 bill out of wallet

Once you have been approved, your policy is not activated until you make a payment. There are different reasons why someone might hold off on making that first premium payment for an approved application. Here are some of the most common ones and why it’s still a good idea to always make that initial payment when your application has been approved.

What Life Insurance Riders Are and Why They're Important

man and woman looking over documents

There is more to life insurance than just the base policy. Life insurance policies can also include riders that provide extra benefits to better fit your needs. Read on to learn about the different life insurance riders that some companies offer and the added benefits they provide.

Retirement Planning

5 Ways to Leave Behind Money for Loved Ones

grandparents with grandson

As we age, it's only natural to start thinking about how we would like to leave our legacy. If you're looking to leave a financial legacy for your family, read on to discover five ways you can leave a lasting legacy. 

Getting Ready for Retirement: 7 Ways to Prepare

getting ready for retirement

Retirement is something we all dream of, where we can sit back and enjoy how our hard work has paid off. But if you're not preparing for retirement at all, you may struggle financially when the time comes. Don't worry! Read on for these 7 ways that can help you prepare for retirement.

6 Ways to Best Use the Money You've Earned in Retirement

retirement ideas

Whether you're in it for travel, saving for the future, or providing for your loved ones, you can easily find a combination of things to spend your money on and make it go as far as possible. Take some inspiration from these ideas and make the most of your money!

Holiday Fun

Peanut Blossom Recipe

cookie blossoms

A holiday favorite! These cookies are a classic for a reason and they're the perfect quick and easy recipe to make for all your festivities.

10 Fun Ideas for Halloween

things to do on halloween

Are you looking to do something different this year for Halloween? Trick or Treating is fun for the whole family, but if you want to change it up this year and do something different we've got some great ideas!

Irish Soda Bread Recipe

irish soda bread

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year with some homemade Irish Soda Bread! Follow this easy recipe.