Retirement Planning

5 Ways to Leave Behind Money for Loved Ones

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As we age, it's only natural to start thinking about how we would like to leave our legacy. If you're looking to leave a financial legacy for your family, read on to discover five ways you can leave a lasting legacy. 

Getting Ready for Retirement: 7 Ways to Prepare

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Retirement is something we all dream of, where we can sit back and enjoy how our hard work has paid off. But if you're not preparing for retirement at all, you may struggle financially when the time comes. Don't worry! Read on for these 7 ways that can help you prepare for retirement.

6 Ways to Best Use the Money You've Earned in Retirement

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Whether you're in it for travel, saving for the future, or providing for your loved ones, you can easily find a combination of things to spend your money on and make it go as far as possible. Take some inspiration from these ideas and make the most of your money!

Top 10 Best Financial Investment Options

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As you get closer to retirement, the goals for your investments change. You focus more on protecting your money than on earning the highest returns possible. So where should you put your money? What investment opportunities exist to fund your future retirement?

Repositioning Your Assets to Reduce Your Tax Liabilities

Repositioning Your Assets to Reduce Your Tax Liabilities

Learn how to reduce your the overall “tax-liability” and pass money to your heirs 100% federal and state income tax free, while increasing the amount to be inherited by your heirs.

Using Single Premium Whole Life For Wealth Transfer

Using Single Premium Whole Life as a Wealth Transfer Strategy

If you are between the ages of 50 and 80 and have some legacy money earmarked for your loved ones, you may be able to take advantage of a single premium whole life insurance plan to provide your heirs with a guaranteed tax-free death benefit upon your passing. 

Fixed Annuities vs. Certificate of Deposits (CDs)

Fixed Annuities vs. Certificate of Deposits (CDs)

Fixed annuities and certificates of deposits (CDs) are frequently used by individuals to supplement their retirement income, and though there are some similarities between them, they are different. 

Learn About The Safety of Fixed Annuities

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You have worked hard to save money, and as you are near or reach retirement, you don’t want to take unnecessary risks with these funds. Yet you want to invest your savings to earn a competitive rate of return. Perhaps you have heard of a vehicle known as a fixed annuity, but you have some reservations with regard to the safety of your investment.