Talking About Final Expense Life Insurance with My Mom Wasn’t Easy, but It Needed To Happen

Mother and Daughter Baking

As you grow older, it’s easy to forget that your parents are growing older too, and that there may come a time when the roles of parent and child will reverse. 

I definitely wasn’t thinking about it until life forced me too.  The sudden loss of my father, threw me into the role of being a parent to my Mom.  I was now the one she looked to for advice and needed to help her make the important decisions. The situation also forced me and my Mom to think about her future now that Dad was gone.

One of the more uncomfortable conversations I knew we had to have was about life insurance

My Dad had life insurance in place, so my Mom didn’t have to pay for any of the funeral or burial costs, which was close to $15,000.  She was never left with the burden of wondering how she was going to cover those expenses.  This helped her realize how important that life insurance policy really was. It served as a big reminder that she didn’t have life insurance and pointed out that the burden of paying for her final expenses would fall on me. So, ready or not, we had to have the tough conversation and plan for what would happen when she passed away. 

One of her biggest concerns was making sure her final expenses were covered. She wanted to make sure I didn’t have to worry about being able to pay for her funeral or burial costs in the future like she didn’t have to with Dad.  

After researching the various products available at her age, we decided that a Final Expense Whole Life Insurance policy was best option to cover her specific needs.

Since final expense insurance is a whole life policy, not only does it build cash value, the premiums (which were affordable) would remain level and never increase, which was great since she was on a fixed monthly budget.  

She was able to apply online in minutes, without needing an agent, and there were no medical exams or lab tests required.  When she finished she was able to get coverage right away.

Mom had been through a lot and the last thing she needed to worry about were future bills and how they would be paid. Getting this policy in place gave her peace-of-mind so she could focus on the more important things in life like spending quality time with her family.

No one said getting old was easy but, taking the time to plan for your future needs will prepare you for the journey that lies ahead. That way you can spend more time on the really important things, like making memories.


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