Superhero Life Insurance

When we’re younger, we all look up to superheroes. They perform amazing acts of bravery to protect those around them – and they look amazing in spandex while they do it! 

Luckily, there are things we can all do to be real life heroes. Like buying life insurance to protect the people and things we love. (No magic bracelets or web slingers required – just a few clicks of a mouse.) 

But what if you really are a legitimate superhero? Some of those larger-than-life figures live some pretty risky lives – would they be able to get life insurance? We analyzed five of our favorite superhero movies to find out just how risky their professions are. Find out below just how much life insurance costs when you're a superhero.

Superhero list


Bat Man






black panther


Wonder Woman
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Film Analysis
Our project analyzed several films to get a risk rating for each superhero.  We identified four risk factors for each character: danger situations, actual physical harm, exposure to harmful materials and exposure to firearms. For each risk factor, scaled scores were assigned to a range of individual scenarios. For example, in the physical harm category, a bruise from a fist fight was given a lower score than a serious injury like a knife wound. To measure this impact, the Vantis Life team watched all of the movies and noted each physical harm scenario, later assigning a score so that all five had an overall risk score total. 

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Insurance Calculations
To calculate each superhero's insurance rates, we first needed an overall base rate. We took an average annual term life insurance cost of $478 - which amounts to a $500,000 policy over a 20-year term for a 40 year old. We then applied a base risk score of five (5) to the average person. To get to our overall insurance costs we did the following: 

(Super hero risk score/average person risk score) x typical policy coverage total = superhero overall policy coverage cost

To get more of an idea on how job risk affects your annual insurance cost we looked at the annual insurance costs for a 'more dangerous' civilian job, in this case, a roofer. We divided the roofer's annual cost by their total policy amount, to work out the proportion of the policy paid annually then multiplied that proportion to each of our superhero's policy cost. To get our overall annual cost we did the following calculation:

(Roofer annual insurance cost/policy total) x superhero overall policy) x (superhero risk score/roofer risk score) = superhero annual cost

Please note, these are not typical insurance cost calculations and are quotes created to represent the extraordinary risk of superheroes.


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