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Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

If you are between the ages of 50 and 80 (ages may vary by state), let Vantis Life help you take care of your final expenses without burdening your family. Designed to cover things like medical expenses, credit card bills and funeral or burial costs, Vantis Life's final expense insurance is an easy way to accomplish this goal. You can purchase coverage amounts of $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000.

There are no physical exams, lab tests or lengthy questionnaires to complete. The premium you pay will never increase and the coverage will never decrease1. Plus, you build cash value at the same time. Your policy can be used to give as a gift for someone you love, or more practically, to help pay final bills and expenses.

As long as you pay your premiums, Vantis Life will protect you for life.

Benefits include:

  • Lifetime Coverage1
  • Price / Coverage Will NEVER Change
  • Guaranteed Acceptance2 — No Medical Exam
  • Easy Payment Options — YOU Choose the Date
  • 30 Days to Review Policy — Full Refund if Not Satisfied
  • Pay Off Any Final Debts
  • Pass Money Along to Children or Grandchildren
  • Helps with Funeral and Burial Costs
  • Make a Donation to Your Favorite Charity
Age Monthly Premium Amount
50 Male $40.66
Female $36.33
55 Male $46.16
Female $40.60
60 Male $53.56
Female $46.27
65 Male $68.00
Female $54.07
70 Male $87.00
Female $70.00
Sample Monthly Premiums for a $10,000 Final Expense Life Insurance Policy
1Death benefit in the first two policy years is limited to return of premium with full benefits thereafter. Full benefits payable from policy year one in the event of accidental death.
2Vantis Life does not accept applications for a proposed insured: a) with dementia that renders that individual unable to perform the common activities of daily living without regular assistance of others; b) that is currently admitted to or resides in a hospital, hospice, or skilled nursing facility; c) with Power of Attorney or court authorized guardianship currently in effect on their behalf.

What is Guaranteed Golden - final expense insurance?

Vantis Life's final expense insurance is a whole life insurance product that does not require a physical exam or medical tests. A final expense insurance policy is primarily used to cover things like medical expenses, credit card bills and funeral or burial costs.

What is a final expense insurance quote?

Your final expense insurance quote is determined by only two factors; the face amount you choose and your age, that’s it!

How do you get a final expense insurance quote?

Vantis Life Insurance Company makes getting an online quote easy and hassle-free, and it only takes few minutes. Get your no-obligation final expense insurance quote now!

What is Final Expense Life Insurance

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