EstateWise® Platinum

Each year thousands of well-meaning people are earmarking money to pass along to the next generation.  This money typically sits in savings accounts, CDs, money market accounts and other taxable vehicles.  This means that when you die, your beneficiaries will have to pay income and other taxes on the amounts they receive.

Taxes can significantly reduce the money you want your loved ones to inherit. EstateWise® Platinum is a better choice if you want to provide a simple and effective method of tax-free estate transfer to your heirs. A single payment immediately purchases a guaranteed death benefit that is significantly larger than the one-time premium payment. In addition to providing better pass-along benefits to your loved ones, EstateWise® Platinum provides for peace-of-mind with a return of premium guarantee and valuable policy add-ons included at no cost.

The many advantages of this single premium whole life insurance policy include:

  • Tax-free estate transfer of the death benefit to beneficiaries without the hassle of probate
  • Return of Premium Guarantee
  • Instant increase in estate value with a single payment
  • Tax-deferred cash value growth
  • Low cost policy loans
  • Accelerated Benefit Add-On included, without an additional premium.  These add-ons help protect policyholders from the financial hardships by providing access to a portion of their base policy benefits for:
    • Chronic Illness
    • Critical Illness
    • Terminal Illness
  • A Charitable Giving Add-On included at no-cost. It provides an additional benefit of 1% to a qualified charitable organization of your choosing and is paid by Vantis Life!

What is single premium whole life insurance?

Single premium whole life insurance is a kind of life insurance in which a single sum of cash is paid into the insurance policy in exchange for a guaranteed death benefit greater than the single payment made.

What is a single premium whole life insurance quote?

Your single premium Whole Life quote is determined by your age, gender, a few simple health questions, and your single premium payment.

How do you get a single premium whole life quote?

Vantis Life Insurance Company makes getting an online quote easy and hassle-free, and it only takes few minutes.  Get your no-obligation single premium whole life quote now!

Single Premium Whole Life Solution

What is Single Premium Whole Life Insurance