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January 2019

How the life insurance industry is using AI to attract millennials
January 17, 2019

Our Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Craig Simms sat down with MarketWatch to discuss the major advancements in life insurance underwriting being made throughout the industry and here at Vantis Life. In the video, Craig also described how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the insurance purchasing process as we know it.

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Vantis Life launches Velocity Digital Platform for Direct Sales
January 7, 2019

Insurance Innovation Reporter covered the launch of our new digitized life insurance platform, Velocity. The article highlighted the key benefits agents will encounter when selling products through this digital platform, including an expedited underwriting process.

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Penn Mutual’s Vantis Wagers on Direct Sales with $1M Whole Life Policies
January 2, 2019

Our Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Craig Simms met with Life Annuity Specialist to discuss Vantis Life’s role as a leading force in the industry by offering direct-to-consumer sales across our product suite. Craig also illustrated how Vantis plans to reshape the way consumers think about life insurance.

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Vantis Life Looks to End the Cycle of Underinsured Families with New Digital Platform
January 6, 2019

Vantis Life introduces Velocity, an upgraded online life insurance platform that makes getting coverage faster and more efficient.

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September 2018

Answer 5 questions before buying life insurance at work
September 28, 2018

NerdWallet called upon Craig Simms, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Vantis Life, for his insight on how to evaluate your life insurance coverage during open enrollment. Craig explained how obtaining a policy outside of the workplace could ultimately lead to cost savings. 

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After building Vantis Life into $1B insurer, Tedone heads toward retirement
September 24, 2018

Ahead of his retirement, Vantis Life CEO Peter Tedone met with the Hartford Business Journal to discuss his contributions to the life insurance industry and top takeaways from his role as an executive. Peter also explained how leadership skills gleaned from his time as an EMT transferred to managing a now billion-dollar company. 


Choudhury promoted to vice president of information technology at Vantis Life Insurance Co.
September 7, 2018

Our hometown newspaper, Hartford Business Journal, covered the news of Raquib Choudhury’s promotion to vice president of information technology at Vantis Life. The article highlighted Raquib’s new responsibilities and explained why his role is crucial to accelerated underwriting and direct-to-consumer initiatives.


The 49 biggest trends in insurance and insurtech for 2019, according to experts
September 4, 2018

Tearsheet turned to our Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Craig Simms, for his insights on what to expect from the insurance industry for 2019 and beyond. In the article, Craig explained how accelerated underwriting will transform the life insurance purchasing process for consumers. 

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August 2018

Vantis Life appoints Raquib Choudhury VP of Information Technology
August 29, 2018

Insurance Innovation Reporter penned a story on Raquib Choudhury, who was recently promoted to VP of Information Technology at Vantis Life. Raquib's new role will be critical to Vantis Life's digitization efforts. 

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People roundup: Vantis CEO Tedone to step down after 18 years
August 20, 2018

Life Annuity Specialist, a leading insurance industry trade publication, covered the news of our CEO Peter Tedone's upcoming retirement as well as our incoming CEO Ray Caucci. Editor Richard Bedard outlined Peter's numerous contributions to Vantis Life over his 31-year career with the company, and explained how Ray's experience will make for a seamless transition and allow us to continue providing top-notch solutions for years to come. 

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Windsor’s Vantis Life CEO Tedone retiring
August 15, 2018

The Hartford Business Journal covered the announcement of CEO Peter Tedone's retirement from Vantis Life, as well as our incoming CEO Ray Caucci. The article noted that Peter spearheaded Vantis Life's transition from a single-state insurer to a nationally licensed institution and managed its expansion into the banking and direct-to-consumer market.


June 2018

Spotted: Vantis Life’s new look
June 5, 2018, a leading insurance-industry newsletter, covered the revamp of Vantis Life’s website. Editor Shefi Ben-Hutta explained how Vantis Life is expediting the underwriting process and delivering life insurance decisions in real time to many of its customers.
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May 2018

Two ways banks can generate fee income with life insurance
May 30, 2018

Craig Simms, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Vantis Life, authored an article for Connecticut Banking Magazine about the current state of banks' life insurance sales channels. Craig pointed to changes in regulation and the life insurance underwriting process as key reasons why now is an opportune time for banks to leverage life insurance to generate fee income.
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Product profile: A life product that’s hard to talk about
May 24, 2018

In a profile of juvenile life insurance products, ThinkAdvisor Insurance Editor Allison Bell turned to Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Vantis Life, Craig Simms, for expert commentary. Craig discussed unique aspects of the product, such as the death benefit, that agents should be aware of in the sales process.
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What should your insurance agent do for you?
May 24, 2018

U.S. News & World Report’s Maryalene LaPonsie spoke to Craig Simms, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Vantis Life, about best practices for insurance agents. Craig advised that agents be transparent about the buying process from the get-go and offer referrals when they are unable to help a client.
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Lirio joins Vantis Life Insurance in consumer direct marketing role
May 18, 2018

As Vantis Life ramps up its direct-to-consumer capabilities, The Hartford Business Journal ran a story announcing the addition of digital marketing veteran Manny Lirio.
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15 little things that impact your finances
May 4, 2018

At Vantis Life, we know our customers have a lot on their plates. That’s why we encourage them to take a step back and evaluate their everyday money decisions. In this U.S. News & World Report article, readers can find a list of little things that have a big impact on your finances and insight from our Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Craig Simms on how important it is to buy insurance to protect your earnings.
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6 things Generation Z gets wrong about money
May 3, 2018

Vantis Life Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Craig Simms spoke with U.S. News & World Report about how Gen Z, or those born after 1997, is influencing financial services marketing. Craig explained why Gen Z’s digital dependence has already started to impact the life insurance application process.
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April 2018

Can I deduct the life-insurance premiums that I pay as alimony?
April 8, 2018

Nasser Zaermohammadi, National Training and Development Director at Vantis Life, spoke with MarketWatch about whether life insurance premium payments can be deducted as alimony. Nasser explained the importance of consulting with a financial professional when deciding the best way to pay a life insurance policy following a divorce.
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January 2018

Why free life insurance at work might not be enough
January 25, 2018

While many companies offer free life insurance as a benefit, that coverage might not be sufficient for your needs. Our Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Craig Simms spoke with NerdWallet to explain how to determine if your company’s life insurance coverage is enough for you and why you might be able to find affordable coverage elsewhere.
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How Vantis Life plans to go direct
January 12, 2018

Vantis Life Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Craig Simms spoke with Digital Insurance about our direct-to-consumer initiative. Craig explained how the life insurance industry as a whole is digitizing products in order to adapt to the needs of the modern consumer.
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Vantis Life goes platinum with whole life product
January 11, 2018

InsuranceNewsNet spoke with Vantis Life Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Craig Simms about our new single-premium whole life product, EstateWise Platinum. Craig explained how this dynamic life insurance product can be utilized as an estate planning tool.
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