Since 1942, Vantis Life Insurance Company has helped financial institutions earn fee income by offering competitively priced life insurance and annuity products to customers. Financial institutions are our only distribution channel. Our marketing, policy services, underwriting, claims and other key support areas have been built to support this channel and we're the preferred life insurance provider in 80% of our relationships.

What We Believe

Vantis Life's simple philosophy states that financial institutions can maximize life insurance and annuity fee income by coordinating key distribution sources:

  • Platform, through licensed branch representatives,
  • Investment Executives, as a selling or referral source,
  • Direct Mail, to reach customers who don't visit the branch frequently, and
  • Online, for customers who prefer to apply electronically.

Consequently, we have developed pre-packaged "programs" that address the needs of each of these distribution points. And our "Technology Advantage" enables the licensed agent to generate quotes and submit applications electronically, speeding the transaction and eliminating administrative errors.

We also believe in doing what's right for your customers. We offer not one, but several easy-to-sell and simple to understand products, supported by best-in-class training and development for your agents via Vantis University».