Vantis V8

How does the V8 Work?

The Vantis V8 helps you sell our straight-forward, competitive life insurance and annuity products using a proven, comprehensive marketing and promotion strategy. We will work with your team every step of the way, providing the necessary tools, training and techniques to help you implement a robust, successful life insurance and annuity program in your financial institution. Working together, we can help your sales team add recurring fee revenue directly to the bottom line.

Goals and Compensation
Setting goals and compensating licensed reps equitably are critical components of every life insurance fee income plan. Licensed reps will sell life insurance when they are compensated fairly and understand HOW they get paid. Linking compensation to the institution's bonus grid is a key factor.

Vantis Life will work with your team to establish an effective goal program - contests, incentives and rewards - that will help you meet your sales and fee income targets


Referral Programs
An effective referral program can keep a steady stream of leads flowing to your licensed representatives. These programs drive leads to your busy reps, relieving them of the burden of prospecting.

Vantis Life will show you how to create an effective program that leverages in-branch non-licensed employees and the inherent need to protect HELOC, mortgages and other loans generated at your institution.


Marketing Strategies
Your customers will not buy life insurance from you if they don't realize that it is available in your institution. In branch, online and other awareness strategies are critical to a successful program.

Vantis Life will work with your compliance and marketing managers to help you create and sustain awareness of the availability of life insurance within your institution.


Direct Response
With the exception of ATM use, larger percentages of your customers simply do not regularly utilize branches. An effective direct response program can increase fee income at little or no cost to your institution.

Vantis Life will work with your marketing, compliance, and online site management to create a direct mail and web-based lead program (where appropriate).

Customer/Employee Communication
When customers and employees receive communication from senior management that indicates that your institution is in the business of building AND protecting the assets of your customers, there is greater buy-in to the concept of life insurance sales.

Vantis Life can help you create a comprehensive communication program for employees and customers that increase the awareness that life insurance is a viable product at your institution.

To sell life insurance effectively, the transaction needs to be efficient and error free. Using technology to accomplish this goal is critical.

Vantis Life's exclusive AgentWebsm system makes it fast and easy for your licensed employees to sell life insurance. Our Internet based system features online quotation and e-application functionality as well as real-time access to underwriting status. Reps can even get instant approval on simplified issue applications and will have 24-hour access to application and policy information. If your institution or state has customized forms, they can be automatically printed with each application. Fast, simple, error-free.

Wholesaler Access
Wholesalers can serve many roles for your institution, including being a "go-to" source for information and sales support for your life insurance program.

Vantis Life's experienced wholesalers provide this support and more. Working one on one with your agents, they provide new product introductions, technology updates and schedule regular meetings to keep your team focused on sales goals.

Training and Development
Regular product and sales skills training is a critical component of the most successful life insurance programs.

Vantis Life provides comprehensive training and skill development that helps your licensed agents increase their "comfort zone" and sell more life insurance and annuities. We'll show them how to raise the topic of life insurance and effectively handle any objections that arise. Hands-on classroom and "Webex" training sessions will round off your employees' professionalism and increases productivity.