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WINDSOR, Conn., Aug. 22, 2008 - It's something like the on-line dating services that now populate the Internet. But instead of matching people with partners, the new service can match investors with the most appropriate investment product.

Vantis Life Insurance Company today unveiled a rapid way for community banks to help customers make the right financial decision when discussing retirement needs, highlighting a variety of potential scenarios in the process.

"Our new on-line system streamlines the purchase and sale of annuities," said Craig D. Simms, Senior Vice President at Vantis Life Insurance. "A licensed banker or investment advisor can now complete the entire process in just 15 minutes."

Is an annuity going to provide a better return than an alternate taxable investment that averages 4% per year? 6% per year? What's the best option for the unique needs of a particular investor? The new Vantis Life system can instantly calculate these values in a way that is clear and direct.

The new system allows bank representatives to instantly show customers the value of an annuity at various times in the future and it allows those future values to be compared with taxable alternatives.

"This is a customized system that's designed with the needs of community bankers in mind," Simms said. "Banks with up to about $10 billion of assets are not likely to be a focus of large annuity companies. They are a top priority for Vantis Life and that's why we created a system that's fast and easy to use - with all paperwork computerized and tailored to the bank's specific, unique requirements."

Vantis Life Insurance already offers an on-line system for life insurance products. In about 15 minutes, licensed bankers and investment professionals can identify the best of the Vantis Life family of products to meet the needs of an individual customer. As with the system for annuities, the life insurance system is designed to enhance the banker's relationship with a customer, offering an array of products through an expedited system that can be tailored to the institutions requirements.

About Vantis Life Insurance Company

Since 1942, Vantis Life Insurance has offered affordable life insurance and annuity products to middle and upper middle-income families. With the financial strength of more than $650 million in assets and an A-Excellent rating from A.M. Best, Vantis Life Insurance products are sold by licensed representatives at financial institutions, as well as through a professional, licensed direct sales force in the Windsor, Conn. headquarters. Additional information is available at www.vantislife.com.