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Vantis Life to Bankers

See How Life Insurance Enhances Customer Relationships

WINDSOR, Conn., July 21, 2008 -- Vantis Life Insurance Company (www.vantislife.com) today announced changes to its agent-portal website that will help financial institution-based agents to better understand how life insurance products can benefit their customers.

The upgraded website uses links to real-life short video vignettes provided by the Life and Health Foundation for Education (LIFE) to show agents the importance of offering life insurance to their customers and the benefits that life insurance provides to real families.

"These improvements are part of our ongoing commitment to helping financial institutions become more effective at matching life insurance products to the specific needs of their customers," said Craig Simms, Senior Vice President, Vantis Life Insurance Company. "Introducing the emotional component of financial protection is an important tool that agents can use when selling this product to their customers."

A series of very poignant videos now appears on the Vantis Life agent-oriented website, known as "Vantis University," featuring real people who were fortunate to have held life insurance when a loved one died. Some segments also show the debilitating effect of not having life insurance in place.

"The addition of these stories is pivotal to our training program," Simms said. "We believe that any agency force, especially the part-time force that is in place within financial institutions, should be emotionally invested in the welfare of its customers before it can be an effective advocate for a particular product."

More than 2,500 financial institution-based representatives will have access to the videos through Vantis Life's "Vantis University" portal.

Vantis Life is a member of LIFE. LIFE provides advocacy, public relations and marketing materials to life insurers to help them more effectively educate consumers that life insurance is an important part of a financial plan. The videos added to the web site were made available by LIFE.

During training classes for its member institutions, Vantis Life also makes available a significant library of LIFE marketing materials that can be used by agents.

About Vantis Life Insurance Company
Founded in 1942, Vantis Life makes life insurance affordable for hard-working American families. With the financial strength of more than $700 million in assets and an "A-Excellent" rating from A.M. Best, Vantis Life is sold by licensed representatives at financial institutions and through a professional, licensed direct sales force in the Company's Windsor, Connecticut headquarters.

Vantis Life's complete, easy-to-sell product line includes underwritten term and whole life insurance, simplified issue term and whole life insurance, single premium whole life and guaranteed issue senior products. All products are quoted and applications are submitted via AgentWebsm, Vantis Life's exclusive online solution that speeds the application process at the point of sale and eliminates administrative errors. For more information about Vantis Life Insurance Company, visit www.vantislife.com.