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Company receives "quick response" to marketing initiative

WINDSOR, Conn., – April 30, 2011 – QR codes are not just for packaged consumer goods any more.

Originally devised by a Toyota subsidiary to track parts for vehicle manufacturing and now used broadly throughout Asia, QR codes have been slower to take root in the U.S. A local life insurance company, however, has incorporated the cutting edge technology into its marketing schemata.

"We are now including QR codes in much of our promotional material as a way to attract the more sophisticated consumer, as well as younger users who are likely to be more tech savvy," said Craig Simms, senior vice president of Vantis Life. "The direct and immediate online access offered by QR codes promotes a feeling of empowerment and gives the consumer another way to access information on our company, products and pricing." Consumers who prefer other contact methods can still contact the company on their toll-free number to go directly to their website at www.vantislife.com.

QR, or "quick response," codes are a new style of two-dimensional bar code that is scanned by a smart phone. The code, composed of black modules arranged in a square pattern, directs the user to a website, online brochure, online product demo, or online enrollment page; it can be customized to carry a marketing message, and can engage the user in a variety of ways.

The QR codes in Vantis Life advertising are used for direct mail and in-bank promotional brochures. Potential customers have access to real-time quotes and detailed product information and can even apply for the company's simple issue term product right from their smart phone.

Most of the Apple, Android and Blackberry smart phones can access the QR code information by simply downloading a free QR code-reading application (app).

Vantis Life will also be using QR codes for business to business advertising. "We are placing QR codes in full page advertisements in banking and other financial services publications," noted Simms. "In these cases, the user is directed to our business to business website at www.vantislife.com/able.

In addition to QR codes, Vantis Life is using Microsoft tags. Also used in printed materials, the so-called MS tags are more visually colorful and creative and allow for integration of the brand itself into the code. Accurate scans can be obtained with even a lower-quality camera, and the tags can be used across Windows Mobile, J2ME, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Symbian phones.

"The beauty of these two-dimensional barcode systems is that we can access details about customer usage including how many times they are scanned and who is scanning. We can manage our ad campaigns and marketing materials this way, and adjust them accordingly," Simms said.

"This technology has propelled us into a whole new channel of marketing," Simms added.

Vantis Life is focused solely on providing financial institutions and their customers with a variety of life insurance and annuity products. These products are offered by licensed bankers via an award-winning online process and supported by best-in-class wholesaling and access to Vantis University, the company's exclusive online, WebEx and in-person training and development resource.

About Vantis Life Insurance Company
Vantis Life Insurance Company was established in 1942. From its inception, the company's primary goal has been to provide families with affordable life insurance and annuity products available through their financial institution. With nearly $5 billion of life insurance in force, more than $850 million of assets and a rating of A-Excellent from A.M. Best, Vantis Life prides itself on providing simple, easy-to-afford products to middle and upper middle income families. Sales and marketing information is available at 1-866-826-8471 or www.vantislife.com/able.