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SuperEZ Life Insurance
SuperEZ is a line of simple, affordable insurance products that customers can purchase without completing a medical exam or any lab tests.* The application is simple, qualification is simple!
*Qualification is based upon Vantis Life's underwriting review.

Level Premium Life Insurance
This level term life insurance enables customers to provide security for their loved ones with low-cost, level premium rates locked in for ten to thirty years.

Permanent Life Insurance
Permanent life insurance provides protection plus tax-deferred cash value accumulation. The premiums remain level and do not increase with age.

Single Premium Whole Life
Single Premium Whole Life insurance provides a simple and effective method for keeping the maximum amount of money in the hands of your customer's family, NOT the IRS.

Vantis Life offers two SPWL products - EstateWise and DollarWise. EstateWise provides the maximum amount of tax-free estate transfer and also builds cash value over time. DollarWise provides maximum cash accumulation within the account and also provides a competitive death benefit that passes to your customer's heirs tax-free.

Guaranteed Golden» Life Insurance
This low-cost, guaranteed acceptance program targets people aged 50 to 75, without healthquestions or physical exams.

Single Premium Children's Term Life
Children's Term provides protection up to age 22 for a single, one-time only premium payment. It also guarantees the child's right to convert the policy to up to $50,000 of life insurance when they reach the age of maturity.

TaxSaver Annuities
Vantis Life's TaxSaver programs enable customers to set aside cash for retirement and pay no income tax on interest earned until the funds are withdrawn.